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My Journey

 As a descendant of the Tiffany Family (my great uncle started the stained glass division of the New York-based jewelry company) I delight in colors, patterns and the engineering of totally new jewelry looks. My grandma and grandpa Delano were the first to show me watercolor and stained glass techniques that have been passed down over generations. I learned weaving, needlepoint, crochet and knitting from Nana Krider. By age seven while living on a boat in the Bahamas I was using macrame patterns to create plant holders and jewelry. Throughout my childhood I experimented with paper cutting, painting, sketching and even created dog sculptures covered with cat tail and pussy willow fluff (water plants from the lake). In the fourth grade I started my own company as the custom-creator of crocheted flower barrettes. Somewhere along the way I focused on getting a “real” job. I went into education and had a wonderful career in state-side and international schools. I authored the Same Day Different Choices book series ( Teaching was a way to see the world, SCUBA dive, meet friends from many different cultures (including Tahiti) and globe trot at will. The career path was fulfilling on many levels but in some ways I had turned my back on art. Leathered Pearls is my return to child-like joy and wonder. My one-of-a-kind ensembles are like beautiful creatures living in the wild. They move easily, express freedom and add joy to their surroundings. People who visit me at markets, festivals and art shows know they have wandered into a realm of creativity. Encouraging inner playfulness through style is my goal.  Tahitian Pearls are known as the most exquisite pearls on the planet. In Tahiti the people believe the pearls give their wearers courage and strength. It is said that they draw anguish from the body and seal love. These pearls are hand-tied on the strongest, softest leather.  Thank you for joining Leathered Pearls on an elegant adventure!                               Kendra Delano

What Clients Have to Say


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Special thanks to our H&M duo, Emily Follweiler and Ken Hazlett

Most enthusiastic photographer (and DJ): Michael Jackson Event Photography.

Our amazing graphic designer, Valerie Bullington,
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